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A Passionate Performer

Lauren Anne Yule, is known in the country music scene for her honest and powerful lyrics. Known to be a lover and a fighter. The type of person to help anyone in need but is not afraid to stand her ground. It is clear that she views the world differently than most.

This hard working, talented, sweet and sassy young women released her first single in the early spring of 2020 called "Best Boots On” and then in late spring released “One Of The Two Of Us.”

She is currently in the studio getting ready to share her third single with world called “Feelin’ Good”. Which is all about celebrating and feeling good about being single.


​ With much heart as she has talent, Lauren Anne sang before she could crawl, and her country roots run as deep as her connection to music does. With years of determination and her addictive flavor, Lauren is ever so ready to release her stellar display of passion. Her musical allowances place her deep inside her songs, which always speak about personal experiences and growth. Lauren's vocal prowess as a country staple rings loud and proud in her hometown of Peterborough and stretches throughout Ontario as “Best Boots On” and “One Of The Two Of Us” illuminates the radio airwaves since both releases, in Spring 2021. Lauren is no stranger to the stage and has presented her penned pieces at various Festivals and venues giving us her concept of realizing and accepting that change, pain, and dedication are all-natural parts of the writing process on the road to success. She first began writing songs when she was 8 years old and has kept everything she wrote down, every napkin, every receipt that had lyric or song ideas on.

As she returned to her roots and went down memory lane, she stated, "it's funny looking back onwhere you started and where you are today...never give up." Industry interest allows her to step forward and she appeared on Coyote 103's The Journey with award winning radio personality Dave Woods. As well, Lauren was selected for an outstanding musical experience, into the 2nd round of the 8th season of The Shot, which brings together the most talented unsigned artists from across Canada. Also, she was bestowed the honor in the final round, with 2 prestigious nominations at the 3rd Annual 2020 Breezeway Music Awards for Female Most Shared Episode and Female Most Viewed Episode, where winners will be announced October 3rd, 2020. Her continuous dedication to her story telling allows her eloquent and well-crafted lyrics, to build from personal to universal while drawing upon her own experiences, as she makes a strong connection with her ever growing fan base. When your dreams are built into your seams, anything is possible if you truly believe. Lauren unfolds her life one stupendous song at a time.